Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tourism in Bali, Bedugul

Bedugul Tourism is an area which is situated at an altitude of + 1240 m above sea level. This area is very cool with an average temperature of 18C and 24 C at night in the daytime. Denpasar, Bedugul-Tanah Lot, Alas Kedaton-is a very pleasant route from Denpasar to Bedugul. Bedugul is a cold mountainous area where there is a lake (Lake Beratan) and Ulun Danu. We can enjoy the beautiful scenery and water recreation and others. From our Bedugul Alas Kedaton towards tourism, where there are hundreds of monkeys and bats in the forest that surrounds the Pura Alas Kedaton built around the fifteenth century AD. After that we went on a trip to Tanah Lot, which is familiar to all foreign tourists. At Tanah Lot temple in the middle there is an ocean and if the sun going down on the edge of the sea, it creates a very beautiful scenery.

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