Thursday, February 12, 2009


Blogvertiser gives exposure on up to hundreds of blog sites for one fee. It also offers real text links because each mini review is a real post that won't expire for the life of the blog.

If you're a blog site owner you know how hard it can be to make any money from your blog. Sure there are other review services out there, but they're hard to be accepted into and if you do get accepted, smaller blog sites hardly every get chosen to write paid reviews.

Blogvertiser accepts even small blog sites. As long you run a real blog, meaning you actually post real content, you're in. All blog site owners have to do is either have us post the mini review automatically or you can just get our email and post it manually.

Mini reviews are only sent to appropriately matched blog sites. So that means if you run a tech blog, only tech related mini reviews will be sent.

Stay tuned. Blogvertiser is coming soon.

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